Frequently Asked Questions

How does Bard work?

Bard is a writing platform where readers have the power to support the writers they love. Anyone can write on Bard and build a supporting audience. Readers can donate when they find content they love to support writers. We've removed the influence of ads, bias of curation, and temptation to clickbait.

Do I have to pay to use Bard?

No, Bard is free-to-use for readers and writers. However, when you find content you truly love, show your support for that writer with a one-time donation or monthly subscription!

How do I earn money on Bard?

Writers can earn money on Bard by setting up a Stripe account. Once Stripe is connected to your Bard account, you'll able to accept monthly subscriptions and one-time donations. Time to start writing and sharing your work.

How does supporter-only content work?

This is fully up to the writers' discretion. A writer can make all their content available, or designate some of their content as subscriber-only. This content can be accessed with a monthly subscription to that specific writer.

How does Bard make money?

We take a 10% commission on donations to keep the lights on and to improve Bard.

I need help with something on Bard.

Talk to us! Contact us at and we'll get back to you right away.

I have an idea for a feature or found something I didn’t like.

Awesome. Email us directly at