Cynefin Framework will Improve Your Health
Looking at the use of Cynefin Framework to improve overall health and human performance.
Jul 25th, 2020 | 1 min read

What is Cynefin Framework?

Cynefin Frame work is a concept that was created by Dave Snowden in 1999. This framework helps us in our decision-making using six different domains: simple, complicated, complex, chaotic, disorder, and moving through domains. Creating rationalized decisions based on situations can help use become better health educators.

Simple - it's Clear & obvious. Snowden argues this domain needs "Sense - Categorize - Respond"

Complicated - Argues that this domain may have several simple solutions "Sense - Analyze - Respond"

Complex - Unpredictable. Argues that this domain is hard to identify one correct response. "Probe - Sense - Respond"

Chaotic - There is no relationship between cause & effect. Requires a person to establish order. "Act - Sense - Respond"

Disorder - Unclear and difficult to make sense of. Best to research before making a decision.

Moving through domains

Through the use of these six domain we are able to categorize where our thoughts accordingly.

How Can Cynefin Framework be applied in tests & measurements to improve overall health and human performance?

The use of Cynefin Framework to categorize situations that arise in health can be used to better assess the correct form of tests being administered to a client. For example, a 70 year old male suffering from high blood pressure may require different testing than a 46 year old male suffering from the same problem. Cardiorespiratory tests may be administered in order to check the heart of both patients, but the 70 year old male would benefit from doing a 1 mile walk test, where the 46 year old male would benefit from a 12 minute jog.

The use of cynefin framework when diagnosing a patient is based on the severity of their symptoms. The more symptoms a client has the more chaotic or disorder, but the few symptoms the more simple or complicated. This style takes a clients situation and helps to create a perfect plan based on their needs.

This is just a few ideas on how cynefin framework can be used in heath and human performance.


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