Cynefin Framework — Domains that can help in all environments
Jul 25th, 2020 | 1 min read

* - Header Picture via Eugene Vyborov - The Path of Each Innovation in One Leader’s Framework

The Cynefin Framework is a great tool that can be used to help guide the decision-making process as well as help us understand a concept, or realize the current situation we find ourselves in.

In my research, the most common application of the Cynefin Framework is geared towards unexpected and/or tragic life events, happenings that leave those affected unsure of the how or the why or even what sort of scenario they've found themselves in.

Thanks to the Cynefin Framework's 5 'Domains'; Complex, Complicated, Obvious, Chaotic, & the out-of-place, purgatory-esque Disorder give the individual or group some empowerment in taking data and giving it a "sense of place". As long as the Domain chosen is best suited to the environment & the impacted constituents, the Cynefin Framework works to facilitate our decision-making while taking into account the multitude of factors and variables that come with an ever-changing environment.

-Ryan Krajicek

This article was written by Ryan Krajicek.
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