Knowledge Trail (KT6): Assignment Rules / Instructions
Assignment instructions for HHP340 Tests and Measurements (Summer 2020). Header photo is FT4 by Lisa Martin, Fort Hays State University (FHSU) Student, and Swarm Learning (SL) Practitioner.
Jul 4th, 2020 | 1 min read


Situation: You are a FHSU student enrolled in HHP340 required to complete Knowledge Trail 6 (KT6).

Mission: Complete the KT and post in the class WordPress site (and the Facebook Group for extra credit - don't forget the first to post this in the class WordPress site also receives extra credit).

Execution: Each student will focus their effort on completing the following simple rules. You will then post to the Swarm Learning (SL) WordPress site and respond to at least two other student posts.

Administration (and Feedback): Each student must have access to Plectica,, and the WordPress site (and it is suggested that you are a member of the SL Facebook Group). Student KTs will serve as a feedback mechanism for the instructor.

Communication: Each individual student is in control of their KT. Your KT must be posted to the WordPress site (and respond to at least two other students) by no later than the end of the current module.

Assignment Rules: Boundary to Create Within!

Rule 1. Watch and review this presentation (KT6 Assignment Rules / Instructions and How-To Video).

Rule 2. Read Chapter 11 of your textbook and view the Cardiorespiratory Fitness Plectica Map.

Rule 3. Read SL Tool #4: 5 Why Technique.

Rule 4. Create either a Plectica Map or use and explain/answer the following:

1. Using the 5 Why technique and the risk factors in Table 11.1 of your textbook, find the root cause for a male who is 46 years old and suffers from hypertension (use your imagination or a real example). There is no right or wrong answer here... the goal is to simply get you to use the technique.

2. Create a map and explain what Cardiorespiratory Fitness is. Define it and explain how to measure it (and why it should be measured). Describe the purpose of both pre and post-activity screening.

Create a WordPress post and share it with the class.

Rule 5. Complete the required SurveyMonkey for KT6 and state if you completed it in your post.

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