Best Garage Flooring Guide of 2020 you need for your Garage
Creating your dream garage starts with a floor. Choosing your garage floor is a big decision you only want to make once.
Aug 17th, 2020 | 2 min read

Weight capacity for heavy vehicles

Cars are heavy and so are tools. Oil, along with other automotive fluid, can be tough on your floor as well. You need a durable floor that will stay intact through any amount of abuse. Stone composite luxury vinyl flooring offers incredible weight capacity and durability even for heavy vehicles.

Stone composite luxury vinyl planks

Engineered using an advanced technology to beautifully mimic natural wood grain texture of a wooden plank floor. The stone composite core makes it virtually indestructible, making it a viable solution even on top of slightly uneven sub floors. Create a truly custom look for your garage with warm, and incredibly durable stone composite flooring.

Stone composite luxury vinyl tiles

Tile and natural stone are a more conventional flooring for your garage than wooden planks. If you want a sleek look, go for the stone composite tiles. Natural stone looks with stone composite core make this flooring tough and versatile in design.

Resists stains and tire marks

Garage flooring must resist stains and tire marks and hide minor imperfections.

Slip resistant

This non-slip floor surface is assured by a combination of the natural grip of the wear layer and textured surface, which reduces the chances of slip-and-fall accidents and injuries.

Easy to clean and maintain

Our commercial-grade 27.6 mil vinyl topcoat has the thickness of a commercial-grade wear layer, perfect for a garage. The topcoat also protects your floor from food spills and messes, for easy maintenance without the need for specialized cleaners.

 UV resistant

Our superior UV Coating helps protect your floors from direct sunlight and prevents color fading.

Lifetime durability

Not all flooring options available in market are suitable for garages. Resilient, hard and durable flooring that can withstand any weather and resistant to stains is recommended for garages.

Quick and easy to install

Stone composite flooring is easy to cut to fit the space. Using the simple click-lock system, you can cover large square footage in relatively little time. It is important to plan the number of tiles or planks in order to reduce the extra cuts.

Accessories for your garage flooring.

Complete your floor with premium accessories like Aluminum End Caps and Garage Door Thresholds for that perfect finished look.

Low maintenance, less worry.

Install our water resistant, highly durable stone composite flooring in your garage, or workshop, with confidence.

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