Better for writers.
Better for readers.

On Bard, writers are supported by the readers. This means that readers have the power to support the writing they love. And writers get paid for it.

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Why Bard?

Something about writing online just isn't right.

  • Clickbait reduces quality.
  • Advertisers and editors shape content more than writers.
  • Readers have no power to influence they content they see.
  • Great writers are struggling to make money.

Here's what we plan to do about that.

Our Vision for Readers

Readers should have the power to reward and incentivize the content they love.

  • We’re taking the power away from the advertisers and publications and giving it to the readers.
  • Readers get to reward the content they love so that they get more of it.
  • Readers can interact with the writers they love so they can be active players in what gets created.
Our Vision for Writers

Writers should provide value for their readers, rather than aiming to please advertisers, curators, or algorithms.

  • Writers should get paid when they deliver what their readers crave.
  • Writers should focus on their writing, not on creating websites or products.
  • It’s not about the size of the audience but how passionate they are.
How Bard Works

Anyone can write on Bard.

Authors choose which content is accessible and which to put behind a paywall. The choice is theirs. Readers show their support for writers in one-time donations or in monthly subscriptions.

"A society that has no respect, no regard for its bards, its historians, its storytellers, is a society in steep decline, a society that has lost its very soul and may never find its way."

Let's rally behind the writers that are bringing us value. Because bards, historians, and storytellers matter.