Were you expecting to find something else?

Us too.

Earlier this year we left our jobs to chase a vision. A vision where the great content creators of the web would be compensated for their work. Instead of focusing on marketing, social media, or popularity contests, they could write about what they are passionate about. The things that keep them up at night. And in return? Those of us looking for great content would reward the creators directly.

We still believe in this vision. You can see aspects of it all over the internet. Bard is no longer part of those pushing to help the creators.

We failed.

We failed to get our product in front of the people. We failed to support the writers the way they needed us to. We failed to stick to our vision and believe in ourselves. For all of those reasons, we are sorry.

For those we let down, we hope you find a place on the internet where you are compensated in the way you deserve. Never give up on your vision.